Pam Waterman with co-authors Amee Hoge and Brenda Waterman

Taking the Bite Out of Braces

Caring, comforting and cooking for someone in braces can be a challenge. I know because I have been a braces-wearer myself as both a child and an adult, and I have consoled three teens through the process. In fact, these experiences were the inspiration for writing the original Braces Cookbook with my daughter, Brenda; developing an adult version with Chef Amee Hoge; and for establishing Metal Mouth Media as a resource for the latest orthodontic information, recipe ideas for what to eat with braces, and tips for making the whole braces experience more trouble-free.


Featured Recipe of the Month:
Three-Cheese Extravaganza

So if you’ve been looking for relief, resources and real food, you’ve come to the right place. And we’ll help you take the bite out of braces.

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