Adult VR Entrainment

adult vr entrainment

The adult vr entrainment industry is growing fast and outpacing the rest of virtual reality, even during this COVID-19 pandemic. It’s an industry that is inclusive of all sexualities, genders and orientations, and is accessible to a wide range of users — provided that they have the proper gear and a safe space to play.

With immersive virtual reality, the experience is much more realistic than watching voyeuristic scenes on a flat screen. Using a headset, it becomes easy to place yourself in a scene, which makes it easier for the user to immerse themselves. It’s also possible to use sex toys in the VR environment, which can be a more intense and authentic experience for many people.

Immersive Pleasure: Adult VR Entertainment Redefining the Boundaries of Sensual Experiences

There’s a whole underground community of adults using Oculus-official social VR games to turn these titles into beautifully chaotic cybersex hornfests. It’s a great way for long-distance couples to explore their sensual feelings and gender identities in a safe environment, or for people who can’t comfortably engage in IRL sex with their partners.

A good starter is VR Chat(opens in a new tab), which is one of the fastest-growing online multiplayer adult games for Oculus and HTC Vive, offering a free intro into photorealistic sex simulator sandboxes. You can also find a wide variety of free demos for sex-driven roleplay experiences at LewdVRGames(opens in a new tab). However, as this space expands, it raises tricky questions about privacy, consent and personal boundaries in virtuality, which have already been raised in other multiplayer gaming spaces.

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