Biodiversity Net Gain Developers

Biodiversity Net Gain Developers is an approach to development that aims to leave biodiversity in a measurably better state than it was before. It is designed to stop current loss of habitat and wildlife through development, halt ecological connectivity gaps and create new natural green spaces. It should complement and be additional to existing biodiversity commitments and regulations, and deliver high-quality and sustainable ecological improvements across landscape scales.

Enhancing Ecosystems: Harnessing the Potential of Biodiversity Net Gain

Using BNG as part of an overall site strategy can deliver significant ecological improvements that will help ensure you have a strong case when submitting your application for planning permission. Examples include restoring and connecting wildlife habitats, increasing public access to nature, enhancing air quality, building for flood resilience, conserving priority species and their habitats, preserving irreplaceable habitat, contributing to local community-led biodiversity recovery strategies, and much more!

You must create and enhance on-site habitats to make up for any loss of biodiversity caused by your development. If this is not possible then you must deliver off-site habitat biodiversity gains to achieve 10% BNG, or as a last resort buy statutory biodiversity credits. Off-site habitats used for BNG must be registered on the BNG sites register, measured using a standardised biodiversity metric and legally secured to last for 30 years. This can be achieved through conservation covenants and the Defra Legal agreements to secure your BNG guidance provides further information on this.

Developers should ensure they have a well-thought through BNG plan before beginning any works on their site. This will not only support their application for planning permission, but will also guide their development design, choice of location and design approaches to mitigate any impact on biodiversity.

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