Body Piercings

Body piercings, also called body modifications, is the art of cutting or puncturing a portion of your body, creating an opening where a jewelry can be put, or an implant can be embedded. The word “body piercing” can mean the same thing as “body piercing jewelry,” or it can mean something else entirely. Body piercings go all the way down to the wrists and even behind the ears, though typically the most piercings are located in areas that can easily be covered by clothing.

Body Piercings

Piercings are considered relatively safe when done by a professional with experience and skill. In fact, there are more body piercings done each day than are done for all of the tattoos that are done through the course of a year. Still, it is important that a piece be careful not to puncture any of your body’s natural tissue, since doing so could result in scarring.

If you choose to get body piercings of your own, be sure that you go to a piercer that you trust implicitly, and be sure to get the procedures done as described. If you are having the work done to please a partner, remember that they too should follow your piercer’s instructions carefully. Remember that it is not the body’s responsibility to show that a person is happy with his or her appearance; if you are considering body piercings, you should be comfortable with them both during the consultation process and once the work has been done.

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