Buying the Right Workout Shoes

Whether you’re an avid gym goer or you just like to jog around the park, having the right pair of workout shoes will make your training sessions more comfortable and easier on your feet. A good pair of exercise shoes can help keep your foot healthy and reduce the risk of common injuries such as plantar fasciitis and arthritis.

Are running shoes OK for gym?

If you’re looking for a lightweight shoe that’s up to the rigours of plyometrics, Crossfit and HIIT workouts, look for a shoe that’s built with cushioning and shock absorption. Some of our top picks include Nike Free sneakers, Ryka’s Influence cross-training shoes and the ZoomX Superrep shoes from Nike. Find out :


A good grip is essential for a lot of exercises and sports, such as box jumps, lunges or jogging on the pavement. A grippy sole can also increase your agility, making it easier to change directions quickly and prevent injury when jumping, twisting or running.


Your workout shoes should provide support to areas of the foot that are most used in the activity or sport you’re doing, says Serena, an instructor at Barry’s. “These support areas will help you perform with less stress on your knees and hips, so reducing the risk of injury.”

When it comes to choosing workout shoes, there are many different factors that you should consider to ensure you’re getting the best fit possible. These include the shoe’s design, the material of the shoe and how well they fit your feet.

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