Canada Shrooms and Psilocybin Dispensaries

While gray market order shrooms online canada dispensaries are popping up in urban centres across Canada and mushrooms are available for purchase online, they’re still illegal under federal law, which considers the psychoactive substance a prohibited drug. But that doesn’t mean anyone is getting arrested for mushrooming in most places — and there are even initiatives underway to officially relax outdated psychedelic laws.

WINNIPEG, Manitoba

The owners of Magic Mushroom, which already has locations in Ottawa and Toronto, opened their Winnipeg store on May 13. A spokesperson for the Winnipeg Police Service says officers work with the company’s drug unit at its dispensaries but they haven’t issued any tickets.

Exploring Canadashrooms: Where Psychedelic Culture and Natural Wonders Intersect

Stacey Larsen, owner of Magic Mushroom, said her store sells a variety of mushrooms and psilocybin extracts in jars, tinctures and capsules. She doesn’t grow them herself, but focuses on making the products accessible for people who might otherwise turn to illegal black-market retailers.

She also carries a small selection of shamanist paraphernalia for those who want to take the experience more seriously and wants to encourage her customers to think about what they’re doing and how it might affect them. “I’m not trying to make money, I’m trying to help people,” she said.

While she hasn’t had any police encounters, she knows that it’s a risky enterprise. Psilocybin is listed as a controlled substance under the Food and Drug Act, but a 1979 B.C. Court of Appeals decision held that simple possession of the mushrooms in their natural state did not constitute a violation since the Food and Drug Act only prohibits the chemical compound.

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