Child Care in Malvern East Lancashire

childcare malvern east

The childcare malvern east facilities in Malvern are located in the heart of the county and close to some of the best shopping, education and events in the area. The county has a good reputation for its excellent schools and it is home to some of the most exclusive shopping malls in the UK. It also has one of the biggest horse racing courses in the world with Belmont Park. There are several parks and child care centres around the central part of the city. The town is also popular for its many festivals, especially for folk music and for its annual Battle of the Bannocks festival.

How to Do Child Care in Malvern East Lancashire

Malvern East was named after a local man who loved dogs and always had time to care for them when they were sick. His dog, Brigg, became an icon in the area and his grave is marked by a statue of Brigg outside of the town hall. Another dog lover in the area is Mike Bennett, who has a love of horses and is now the owner of Malvern Strongs, the country’s biggest equestrian centre. There are also a number of businesses based near the centre of the town that specialise in child care.

There are two schools in Malvern East. The district school board approved the opening of a nursery in March this year and it offers both primary and secondary levels. The primary level offers a large selection of friendly, healthy and sociable children who love to interact with everyone. The secondary level offers a small number of highly regarded curriculum-based nurseries where parents can leave their children for a few hours each day for play and activities. Both schools have a child care centre attached to them.

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