Dallas Swim Spas

A Dallas Swim Spas is a substantial fabricated tub or little pool loaded with warmed water intended for dousing, unwinding, massage or hydrotherapy. Some of these units are designed to accommodate up to eight people, while others are much smaller and can be utilized as a part of the indoors or outdoors. Some have extra features such as LED multi-colored lighting and water cleansing systems. Most of these are powered by a Cal Salt(tm) filter sanitation system that utilizes electrolysis to transform salt into chlorine, killing bacteria in the water.

Do swim spas cool water?

These devices are ideal for anyone with a back yard or small space who wants to get some exercise or have fun playing in the water. They are also useful for individuals who have physical disabilities or who struggle with muscle strains or other injuries. The hot water of a swim spa is great for easing tension, and many have jets for massages.

Strong – Hot Tub and Swim Spa Movers is a specialized company that has been moving, delivering, and installing these devices since 2008. Its crew can install or relocate hot tubs or swim spas up to 21 feet long and can even move backyard playsets, gun safes, home gyms and other bulky household items. The firm offers a free estimate on its services and provides no-interest financing to qualified buyers. It can also provide custom tools and equipment for specific jobs. It has moved more than 1,500 hot tubs in the area.

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