Dealing With Your Goldendoodle’s Separation Anxiety

Dealing with Your Goldendoodles Separation Anxiety

Dealing with Your Goldendoodle’s Separation Anxiety, a well-trained dog can have separation anxiety. While this can be frustrating, it’s important to understand that this is not the fault of your dog. The issue is that your dog is unable to cope with the change in routine when you are not home. As such, they develop destructive behaviors like chewing cushions and furniture or potty accidents in the house.

Goldendoodles are a very affectionate, people-oriented breed that want to be with their family at all times. In fact, many people choose this breed because of their great playfulness and the ability to bond with kids and other pets. This love of people and the desire to be with others can cause them to become anxious when they are left alone.

Alleviating Alone Time: Strategies for Dealing with Your Goldendoodle’s Separation Anxiety

There are many things you can do to help your dog overcome separation anxiety. One option is to use gradual desensitization. This involves introducing your dog to short periods where you leave them alone in their crate or another room without making a big deal about it. Then gradually increase the amount of time you are away from them. This helps your pet learn that you will return and they will not get attention unless they are quiet.

Another option is to work with a professional trainer to teach your dog new tricks and reinforce positive behavior. It is also important to make sure your dog has plenty of exercise and mental stimulation so that they are calm when you are gone. Finally, some dogs need more intensive treatment for severe cases of separation anxiety. This may include medication. It is important to talk with your veterinarian if you believe your dog has separation anxiety so they can help you find an effective treatment for your pet.

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