How 316 Insulation Is Installed

316 Insulation is a composite material that forms when 2 chemicals (isocyanate and polyol resin) meet at the tip of a spray gun. When sprayed onto an existing home, new construction house or commercial building, spray foam expands and fills in cracks, gaps and crevices. This creates an air seal and blocks vapor transfer which helps to reduce energy consumption.

Introduction to 316 Insulation: Experts in Spray Foam Insulation

Spray insulation is not only energy efficient, but it also dampens sound and keeps ice dams from forming on the roof. It is much more effective than fiberglass or cellulose and is a more environmentally friendly option. It can help to significantly cut down heating and cooling bills and it lasts indefinitely reducing the need for more expensive replacements.

Before a professional can begin installing spray insulation, it is necessary to prep the area being insulated. This usually involves removing any existing insulation and making sure that the space is free from moisture, dust, debris, dirt or anything else that might interfere with the proper installation.

Once the surface has been prepped, a trained technician will apply the spray foam insulation using their high-end rigs. The rigs are designed to ensure that the spray foam is mixed perfectly and applied evenly for a long lasting result.

Closed-Cell Spray Foam: This is the most durable type of spray insulation available, with an R-value of 7 per inch. It is dense and rigid and can easily seal all nooks and crannies. It also provides a barrier to air and vapor which can prevent mold, mildew and other problems. It is a great choice for attics, crawl spaces and rim joist in an existing home or for new construction homes, pole barns, commercial buildings and other exposed applications.

316 Insulation
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