How Much Do Violin Lessons Cost?


Many parents encourage their children to learn the violin because of the enduring benefits it offers. This is not just kiasu parenting as there are many studies that indicate the positive effects on brain development that one can gain through performing arts. Besides, learning music also improves memory and cognitive abilities. It is also a great way for your kids to socialize. violin lessons Singapore can be quite pricey but it all depends on the teaching credentials, experience, and professionalism of the teacher. A typical violin lesson costs from $45 to $65 per hour for beginners. This can rise to between $50 to $75 for pre-intermediate lessons which are usually taught on a one-to-one basis. It is not uncommon to find teachers charging more than $100 for advanced lessons.

Violin Lessons Singapore: A Gateway to Musical Mastery

When choosing a violin teacher, look for one who has been playing the instrument for years. They should be able to adapt the method of teaching to suit the student’s individual needs. They should also be able to help the student achieve the best results in ABRSM exams.

Praise Music School has been teaching the violin for 14 years and has a proven track record in helping students pass their tests. Their violin instructors are experienced and well-versed in various genres of music, including classical. They can also coach students for their Direct School Admission tests and other public examinations.

Sarah achieved her Masters in Music degree in violin performance from Schulich School of Music (Montreal, Canada) in 2018. She has been coaching since 2010 and has vast performance experience in chamber and orchestra. She has also won awards from various music competitions.

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