How to Choose the Right Mobile Stage Rental for Your Event

Whether you’re hosting a small town festival or large-scale event, a stage is a necessity. A well-constructed stage is a great way to highlight your event’s headliner and draw more people to the venue. The right stage can also be used to promote your brand on video displays and record the show for future viewing. There are many different stages to choose from, but you need to determine how much room you have for a stage and the amount of space needed for sound equipment and lighting.

The best way to decide on the size of your mobile stage rental is to discuss your event’s needs with a staging company or local entertainment supplier. They can help you calculate the number of people that will be in attendance and recommend the proper stage size. In addition, they can help you determine how much time you have for setup and strike.

Stage Anywhere, Anytime: Unlocking the Benefits of Mobile Stage Rentals

A typical portable stage comes in a trailer and can be driven to the site and unfolded in minutes. It has a large stage deck and rigging points for overhead coverage and the ability to fly lighting or a sound system. These stages are ideal for events that require street closures or have tight timelines.

Stage sizes vary and can max out at around 100 ft by 50 ft. The size of the stage will inform its weight and the amount of labor required to set it up. Generally, smaller mobile stages can be set up by a team of two stagehands in about an hour. This is a significant reduction in the labor costs of a traditional stage and roof system, which can take hours or days to install.

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