How to Evaluate a Concrete Repair

Concrete repair is a very durable material that can withstand great amounts of wear and tear, but it is not indestructible. When damage occurs, there are many repair methods available that can be used. The choice of method depends on the type and severity of the problem and factors such as cost comparisons between repairs versus replacement and the ability to accomplish the repair in a reasonable amount of time.

The first step in evaluating concrete for repair is to determine the cause of the damage. This involves careful inspection of the structure and an intelligent evaluation of the product’s function, its environment, and its effectiveness as a structural building material. It is important to distinguish between minor and major defects.

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It is also necessary to know the location and accessibility of the damaged area. If the structure is on a busy roadway, for example, a speedy repair may be required. In such cases, a rapid-set material should be used.

Whether a surface or structural repair is needed, the proper ingredients and mix design procedures must be used to ensure that the repair will be successful. The repair material must bond well to the existing concrete and it must be able to resist stresses resulting from traffic and the environment.

Concrete used in repairs should contain the same ingredients as the original concrete, but typically with less water. The lower water content reduces shrinkage, which could weaken the repaired section.

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