How to Use a Google Ads Tracking Template

If you’re running a tracking template google ads Ads campaign, it’s important to know how your clicks are performing. But this can be difficult without access to the right data. That’s where tracking templates come in.

Using a tracking template allows you to get more detailed click information than what’s available in Google Ads by default. This can help you identify which ad elements are driving valuable clicks and inform your optimisations. It can also be a great way to test out different ad formats to see which ones are working best.

The best place to start is by finding a 3rd party tracker that suits your needs. Prices will vary between providers, so make sure to shop around a bit. Once you’ve found a provider that fits the bill, simply create a new tracking template in your tracker and set it up to work with your Google Ads account. The exact instructions for this will vary between trackers, but the basic process is pretty much the same for everyone.

Optimizing Your Google Ads: Leveraging Tracking Templates

A tracking template is an instruction to Google Ads on how you want ad URLs to be formed. It uses ValueTrack parameters (a string of characters that identify different aspects of a user’s click) to collect data that can then be used in Google Analytics to analyse the performance of your ads.

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