How to Write for Sports News

Sports news is an important part of any newspaper, and the genre has produced some of journalism’s finest writers. In addition to its traditional coverage of association football, cricket, athletics and rugby union, it has also been a magnet for investigative journalists, with such exposes as the bribery, corruption and doping scandals in international track and field athletics illustrating the genre’s power as a force for good.Read more

Sportswriters should be able to write clearly and concisely, especially when reporting on live events. This is because readers will be expecting to know the score and who was the star player in each game, and if you don’t give this information quickly, they will soon tune out. Delayed-led games stories usually take longer than straight lede games to get to the score, but this is fine as long as the article contains other information that will appeal to the reader.

Beyond Championships: Athletes Making a Difference in Society

Using interviews with coaches and players can add depth to any sports article. Poignant, well-placed quotes can paint a picture of the team and its members for the reader and illustrate their personalities. It’s also important for sportswriters to be able to build trust and rapport with interview subjects, especially if they want to gain honest responses.

The sport you write about will affect your style of writing, and it’s important to choose a sport that you know and understand, even if this means starting out by covering the local junior teams in your area. Unless you are an expert in a particular sport, your articles will be less interesting to readers who are already familiar with it.

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