Natural Remedies For Period Pain

Natural Remedies for Period Pain

Keeping a regular routine and using simple home remedies can help to reduce the severity of cramps. Using heat (such as a hot but not too hot water bottle or a wheat bag) on the lower abdomen or on your back (if you feel the pain mainly in your spine) can ease pain by increasing circulation to the pelvic area and distracting nerve pathways involved in sensations of pain. Massage is also good for reducing pain, especially with aromatic oils such as lavender and clary sage which have analgesic properties. A hot bath with Epsom salts can also be soothing.

Natural Remedies for Period Pain decreasing menstrual pain can also be helpful. Include lots of foods rich in calcium such as beans, nuts and dark green leafy vegetables. Leafy vegetables are also high in magnesium which can help relieve cramps. Foods rich in iron and omega-3s are important too.

Cramp-Free Days: Natural Remedies for Period Pain That Really Work

For natural relief of menstrual cramps, ginger is a great choice. It has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties and can be taken in tea form or as a spice. The compounds hippurate and glycine within chamomile are another natural remedy for period pain. Xiao Hui Xiang is used in Chinese medicine for its anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and analgesic properties. Pycnogenol is a botanical that has been shown to be as effective as NSAIDs at lowering the production of prostaglandin which causes pain and has fewer gastrointestinal side effects.

If your cramps are severe or don’t respond to a simple treatment approach, talk to your doctor about the possibility of underlying conditions such as endometriosis, PCOS or pelvic inflammatory disease. In some cases, a simple blood test or ultrasound may be required.

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