Odgers Interim in Poland

Amid a broader euworkers.fr in the European Union over the reversal of key European values, Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party has been under intense scrutiny for its treatment of the judiciary. Its actions have triggered an internal EU debate over how to respond, with some Member States taking a no-prisoners approach and others calling for calm.

In a landmark judgment on 19 October, the European Court of Justice’s Vice-President ordered Poland to suspend the effects of its Judiciary Reform Act until the delivery of the Court’s final judgement in the case. The decision was based on the ECJ’s finding that the law violated the European Convention of Human Rights, primarily because it enables the President of the Supreme Court to remove sitting judges from office by means of a disciplinary procedure, without any opportunity for appeal, in a manner that jeopardises the independence of the Supreme Court.

Understanding Interim Service Costs in Poland: What to Expect

Poland is the latest market in the IM sector to witness strong growth and high demand for senior interim managers. This is driven by the structural challenges the country faces, including an industrial structure that has historically dominated family businesses with low levels of R&D investment and a general lack of social trust. As demonstrated by systematic sociological research, this translates into a reluctance among Polish CEOs to allow an outsider to join their company for a fixed term. To address this gap, Odgers Interim has opened a dedicated interim practice in Poland led by Richard Kaluzynski.

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