Radonhjelpenst and Smoking

The EPA has stated that the relationship between radon and smoking is synergistic. The combined effect of both causes of lung cancer is estimated to kill more than 62 people in every 1,000. But the risk is even greater for people who don’t smoke. The good news is that radon and smoking are both highly preventable. There are ways to reduce radon exposure. In addition to positive supply ventilation, you should also use air filters.

Inhaled Radium Also Delivers Radiation To Other Organs At A Lower Level Than That Of The Lungs


The amount of RadonhjelpenØst in the air in your home is not the same everywhere. In the United States, the average concentration of radon in the air is 0.01 parts per million. In other countries, the risk of developing lung cancer is much higher than in the U.S. Among smokers, radon has been associated with up to 25 times the risk of lung cancer in non-smokers. Inhaled radium also delivers radiation to other organs at a lower level than that of the lungs.

The amount of radon in a home is extremely variable. It is found in soil, which contains high levels of uranium. Most people will not experience the risk of radon exposure from it. However, there are ways to limit the levels of radon in a home. In fact, the best way to reduce the risk of radon exposure is to take action and install air-tight windows and doors.

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