Risks of Renting a Mechanical Bull

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or a retirement celebration, renting a renting a mechanical bull is an excellent way to get your guests in the cowboy spirit. However, before you grab your hat and whip, be sure to understand the risks involved in this dangerous activity.

Mechanical bulls have been around for decades, first appearing as a training machine for rodeo riders. They enable a rider to enhance rodeo performance and refine their skills without the risk and unpredictability of a live animal. Today, mechanical bulls are also used as amusement rides. They may be mobile, such as those found at parties, or stationary such as those in bars and restaurants. In either case, they are surrounded by a padded inflatable arena that cushions any fall riders may take.

Renting a Mechanical Bull: Unleash the Excitement at Your Event!

Injuries from riding mechanical bulls can range from bruising and contusions to separation of the pubic bones (diastasis symphysis and sacroiliac joint distraction) and internal bleeding (hematoma). In addition, psychological trauma has been reported in some cases, including flashbacks and nightmares. Fortunately, these injuries are rare.

In order to prevent these types of injuries, it is important that owners and operators follow strict safety protocols. This includes conducting regular inspections and maintenance of the equipment, as well as following sanitary cleaning and disinfection procedures to avoid contamination and infection. In addition, implementing an effective training program for all users is essential.

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