Selecting Cell Phone Plans in Canada

You’ve finally landed on phone plans Canada soil and want to call mom, text your friends back home or post a selfie on Instagram. Before you do any of that, though, it’s important to select a cell phone plan. But what do you look for in a provider? And should you choose a prepaid or monthly contract?

When selecting a plan, consider the cost, coverage area and long distance rates of the plan. It’s also important to consider your data usage, whether you need unlimited talk and text or a smaller amount of mobile data.

Connect with Confidence: Unveiling the Best Phone Plans in Canada for 2023

There are many providers to choose from, with some of the largest including Bell, Rogers and Telus. But smaller providers, like Koodo, Freedom and Fido, often compete with these bigger carriers by offering lower rates.

The price of a plan can vary significantly depending on the type of device and the amount of talk, text and data. Typically, more expensive devices come with higher talk and text allowances.

When it comes to data, eight different carriers offer plans with varying amounts of unlimited mobile data in Canada. These range from chatr mobile’s $25-70 plan, which offers a certain percentage of guaranteed speed downloads before reverting to throttled speeds similar to dial up internet, to the more expensive Rogers mobile plans that start at $85 per month and offer up to 40GB of LTE access. MVNOs like Virgin Mobile and Kidoo Mobile also offer unlimited mobile data plans in Canada.

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