Solar Panel Suppliers Ireland

solar panel suppliers ireland

If you’re interested in solar pv installers at home, you’ll want to find a reliable solar panel supplier. A solar panel company will come to your house and assess your property before giving you a quote for the installation of solar panels. They will also help you apply for an SEAI grant and give you advice on tax incentives and grants for energy efficiency.

A solar photovoltaic (PV) system uses PV cells, made of semiconducting material, most commonly silicon, to convert sunlight into electricity. A PV system is installed on the roof of your home. It can generate enough electricity to meet your consumption, and any excess can be stored in a battery for use when the sun isn’t shining.

Empowering Your Home with Solar PV: Choosing the Right Installers

It’s never been easier to go solar. You can slash your energy bills, earn income from the Clean Energy Export Guarantee scheme, and receive grants up to €2400 for installation. Plus, you don’t need planning permission to install a solar PV system.

A family-run business, Alternative Energy Ireland specialises in solar hot water systems and PV panels for domestic, commercial, and farm clients. They can also fit electric car home chargers and offer a range of preventive maintenance and guarantee packages.

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