Web Development Businesses

Web development businesses create websites and applications that run on the internet. They work with clients to determine their goals for the website or application and how it can meet those goals. They may also provide ongoing maintenance and support services to keep the site or application running smoothly. This type of business requires a certain level of technical knowledge to produce quality results.

What is the scope of a web developer?

The process for creating a website varies from company to company. Some start with a discovery meeting to ensure everyone is on the same page about what the website will accomplish. This meeting also allows the developer to understand what features are necessary for the website to achieve its goals. The next step is to begin the actual coding of the website, which typically involves writing markup and code. The final steps are to test the website and make any necessary changes before it goes live.

Some web development companies specialize in specific industries, such as medical clinics. For example, Doctor Multimedia works with clinics to build websites that are compliant with HIPAA and ADA standards for protecting patient information and improving accessibility for people with disabilities.


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