What Is a Plant Tracker?

A plant tracker is a way to collect information about the growth and health of plants in your garden. The idea behind this kind of tracking is to use the data collected by the tracker to make informed decisions about how best to care for your plants and how to monitor their growth.

The Plant Tracker App

The free-to-use app Plant Tracker is an open source tool that uses images to measure plant health and photosynthesis. It uses a camera to take pictures of your plants and then calculates metrics such as the plant’s leaf temperature and chlorophyll content. It also analyzes the image to look for changes such as wilting or drought conditions.

Pesky Plant Trackers

The Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Department’s plant tracking initiative recruits citizen scientists to observe the phenological processes of wild parsnip. The project provides training, resources and a platform to collect observations and reports. Participants report phenological stages in a few minutes per week during the growing season.

Plant Tracker: A Mobile Application

The app combines the power of a GPS and a camera to capture location and movement data, which is then sent to a cloud server where it is displayed as an intuitive, live dashboard. It’s ideal for construction sites and asset managers to know when equipment is being used, where it’s located and to see if there are any unauthorized movements from a site.

The app identifies your plants through an image library and then sends you alerts to water them and to monitor their health. Users can also upgrade to the premium version for access to an artificial intelligence that diagnoses sick plants, and a community forum where you can share tips and tricks.

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