White Linen Dress Shirt

If you’re going to wear a dress shirt on a hot summer day, there are few options that can rival a white linen one. This versatile fabric is ideal for hot weather because it’s lightweight, won’t fall apart in the wash and feels unbelievably soft against your skin. It’s also breathable, meaning it won’t hold in body heat, so you can feel cool and refreshed all through your afternoon.

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Another great feature of a white linen dress shirt is that it’s often wrinkle-free, making it the best choice for an informal occasion or a casual summer work function. But if you do notice a few wrinkles, no worries — they’re easy to get out with the right ironing technique.

The light and breezy style of a white linen dress shirt works well for a casual event or guys night out, and it can be dressed up with a suit jacket for a work function or destination wedding. Try pairing a classic button-down linen shirt with deep blue denim jeans, chinos or shorts for a warm summer dinner, a trip to the beach club or a weekend getaway.

This slim fit linen shirt has a rounded shirttail hem and a Romea spread collar that can be worn open for a relaxed look or buttoned up with a necktie for a polished effect. Made from premium linen that’s woven in Italy, this fabric has a breathable and cool finish that will keep you comfortable all day long.

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