Why It’s Important to Check Email Validation Before Sending Emails

Check Email Validation is a process that ensures the accuracy and validity of an email address. It involves checking the email address format, looking for typos and verifying that the email domain and mail server are active. It also helps to reduce the number of hard bounces, which can affect your email deliverability and negatively impact your email marketing campaigns.

It is essential to perform email validation before sending any email campaigns to ensure that the emails you send will reach their intended recipients instead of landing in spam folders or getting blocked altogether. However, it is important to understand that not all email verification tools are created equal. Some may only check whether an email addresses follows a certain syntax or if it contains the @ symbol and a valid suffix. They might also rely on regular expressions or validation libraries to find errors.

Ensuring Accuracy: Strategies for Effective Email Validation Checks

While this might be useful in some cases, it is not enough to protect your email reputation and boost inbox placement. Some bad actors create fake or temporary email addresses to carry out nefarious campaigns and these fishy addresses aren’t caught by syntax, domain, and mailbox checks alone.

For this reason, it’s critical to use an email verification tool that can identify these malicious addresses by conducting a real-time SMTP check and simulating a test message to the email address. The best email validation tools also offer additional features, like duplicate removal and domain blacklisting and even integration with your marketing automation platform. Be sure to look at the pricing models and plans offered by each email validation tool and select one that matches your budget and requirements.

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