Wire Ferrule Crimping Tool – Install

A wire ferrule crimping tool is used to crimp together two or more wires. The crimping tool is put on the end of a pair of wire (the “strike” end) and fits into an M size slot. This tool fits into the slot with two nut tools that lock into the two wires and are locked into place to keep them in place once they are inside the tool. After you put the crimping tool on the wire, twist the ends of the wire to position the crimp.

wire ferrule crimping tool

The Secrets To Wire Ferrule Crimping Tool

To crimp I used a ratchet wrench to do this. Once the wire ferrule crimping tool is in place, you can then run your soldering iron through the small little hole. I used the soldering iron in such a way that it came out the back of the tool, but you can also use the soldering iron’s tip to push the wire down through the tiny hole and into the aluminum crimp. Make sure to not make a mess with your soldering irons and heat the flux because you will not want to melt your fingers when you try to remove the tubing from the Crimp.

When it comes time for me to install the new crimp, I carefully unplug the iron from the wall, and then I take the old tubing and slide it out of the tool. Then I take my new wire ferrules and slide them through the slots on the other end of the ferrule, and then I tie the ends of the wire ferrules into a knot to hold them in place. Once I am done, I reattach the crimping tool to the other end of the wire ferrule. That was really easy.

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