The Best Online Games For Exploring Different Cultures and Traditions

The Best Online Games for Exploring Different Cultures and Traditions

Digital games are a fun way to engage students with various cultures around the world. They can help learners understand the differences and similarities between cultures and develop important skills such as empathy, perspective-taking, and memory retention. These games also allow learners to apply their knowledge in practical scenarios and thereby reinforce what they’ve learned. Learn moreไทยไฮโล-ไฮโลไทย/

A notable example of this is the popular strategy game Rise of Cultures. This game allows players to take on the role of someone from a different culture and teaches them how to interact with other cultures in a healthy manner. It encourages a thoughtful approach to cross-cultural interaction and provides an excellent platform for discussion about cultural sensitivity and respect.

Unlocking the Past: Online Games That Dive into Historical Events and Figures

Another interesting game that promotes cultural awareness is Bafa Bafa, a simulation game developed by the Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education. In this game, participants are divided into two groups and asked to travel back and forth between them while trying to understand one another’s culture. It highlights how easy it is to misinterpret actions and exchanges when the rules are unfamiliar and helps players learn the value of thoughtful strategies when learning about other cultures.

For those interested in learning about a specific culture, Google Arts & Culture offers a collection of unique games that serve as an innovative gateway to a global classroom without walls. These include games such as the art movement puzzler where players drag artworks to boxes where they match with labels. There are also games where learners can color their way through the palettes of famous paintings or sort historical figures based on their gender, ethnicity, and occupation.

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