Top 3 Affordable Golf Launch Monitors

If you’re a golf enthusiast who wants to elevate your practice at home, there’s no doubt that a launch monitor is the way to go. However, launch monitors can be expensive and there’s no reason you should break your bank account when you can get the same performance in a more Affordable golf launch monitor unit. Thankfully, the tide is turning and golf technology is more portable, adaptable and affordable than ever before.

Is there a cheaper alternative to TrackMan?

While you won’t get simulated ball flight data at this level of affordability, the devices listed below will give you basic information such as club head speed, swing tempo and estimated distance. Some also provide a few other metrics such as spin rate and shot dispersion.

Easily one of the best budget portable golf launch monitors, the Mevo Plus is simple to set up and use. This device sits five feet behind the ball and uses doppler radar to track where the ball is going. It’s pretty accurate and tracks everything from shot distance to lateral landing distance, spin loft, club head speed, smash factor and more.

The GC3 is another well-known portable golf launch monitor that’s easy to use and among the most affordable units available. This one is so user-friendly that it’s even used by PGA Tour pros! Unlike other expensive monitors, this one doesn’t require professional installation and can be used right out of the box. It’s even capable of connecting to your favorite simulator software, too!

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